Twenty. Hatred Of The Homeless.

Just found another…It seems the voice of the streets is turning more and more to the blog-O-sphere. I want to help it be heard.

Homeless Oregon Writer

Speculating as to why some people get so angry at the very sight of the homeless.

I think the anger might be covering up fear. The few times I’ve felt it stirring, it was fear. Specifically of aggressive panhandlers. People who don’t respect the word ‘no’ really bother me, panhandling or not.

But since becoming homeless myself, I have not met a single homeless panhandler. Not saying there are none out there   –   just that I haven’t encountered one. The homeless people I’ve encountered are just trying to survive the day, to keep clean and find something to eat, and to find a safe place to spend the night, without having their few remaining belongings stolen. As I said at the start of this blog, that’s a full time job.

Now I know what it’s like myself to get those hateful glances and muttered comments, when someone passing by figures…

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