To Whom it May Concern

Here’s a kick in the jimmy! A short read, but deeply convicting.

The Royal Hope Mission

Poem Written 2013 by CDB

To Whom It May Concern,

I’m cold and scared, I’m hungry and sick, I’m lost and I need to be found. People pass me on the street and spit at my feet. They think I’m nothing or lower then nothing. They act as if I am a Drunk or a Druggie but the truth is I lost my job a few months back had no place to turn. The shelters are full 3/4 of the time and the street is a cold and lonely place to be. I was once like you but even then I still felt lost. Sometimes I feel like I’m invisible when people walk by me. One night I saw a cross that glowed for miles. It was your Church. I fell asleep on the steps. The next morning I was awaken by people going up the steps of the church…

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