A Prophet From Hogback

Blast From The Past Post. There are many important posts on this blog, some really old now, that are worth repeating and didn’t seem to generate interest the first time. Here is another in the BFTP series.

Fat Beggars School of Prophets

I was privy to a conversation today in which the Mission at Hogback came up for discussion briefly.  Not that you would know anything about Hogback, but it’s funny how I have been thinking about it recently.  Here’s my experience with Hogback:

When I was a teenager, my home church was the Cortez Church of Christ in Cortez, Colorado.  I quickly became disenchanted with church in general in those years and pretty much quit attending.  My dad, though, was a devoted member and former minister trained in preaching for the Churches of Christ.  But that Cortez church – well, I don’t want to run the place down unnecessarily… and besides, there are enough fingers to point at both myself and my family as well as that church.

But here’s the thing: Even though Cortez sits right on the knife’s edge of Native American “Indian” country, the church I grew up…

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