Social distancing

Street ministry amid coronavirus epidemic in Seattle looks like this:


The first week of street ministry with social distancing was challenging. How do you minister to people on the street and avoid contact with people? Monday evening, I went to Pike Place Market. There were a few shop vendors open for business. Some were closing their booths and looking quite worried. The only people downtown were homeless people. One of the community dinners was passing out to-go boxes, so that’s where I went. I talked with my friend Carl who was barefoot. He gave his sandals to a friend and said, “I have another pair of sandals in my backpack!” His bare feet reminded me that homeless people have big hearts and lots to worry about. I prayed with Micah, who asked for a closer relationship with Jesus. “I need help. I need to be grounded. Being homeless is like being in a constant war for survival.” His mental health…

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  1. Spy Vs Spy · March 26, 2020

    COVID-19 has challenged the church as a “group” based entity.

    In like manner our Bible study hasn’t likely pointed up that most of Jesus’ own evangelical work was done one-on-one (yes, I realize my saying that doesn’t negate Pentecost or other large groups). Nevertheless one-on-one seems a major component in the early church.

    Accordingly the modern church is functionally crippled by its virtual neglect of that important even key aspect!

    Nuff for now!


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