Here at the Fat Beggars Home for Widows, Orphans, and Sojourners, Mrs. Agent X is a PICU nurse working in the local hot zone of Lubbock, Texas.  At this point, Lubbock is not a hot spot like NYC, NOLA, or Detroit, but the expectation is ugly all the same, and we are getting coronavirus  cases here in Lubbock already.

Mrs. Agent X is taking extra precautions every time she leaves to and returns from work to avoid spreading infection here at home with the foster kid and/or the kid with the underlying respiratory issues.  However, as yet, she does not have an alternative place to stay.  She is exploring options, ranging from getting a motel room, sleeping in the car, or (as the local hospital just recently secured the Hope Lodge), but that, should the virus take us by storm, will not have enough rooms for all the medical staff.

Here is the request:

Does anyone in our vicinity have an RV we can set up at either our house or at one of her fellow nurse’s house where she might share it with a co-worker?

We don’t want to miss an opportunity for not asking.

We saw where a local doctor was donated the use of an RV by one of his neighbors featured on the local news yesterday, and that seems like a really great option IF one were available to us.

Please get with me if you can help or know someone who might.  Leave a comment here, and I will NOT publish it, but will contact you privately (unless you already know my number, in which you can call me).

THANX for your consideration and your prayers whether you can help with donations or not.

God bless…




  1. Anonymous · April 7, 2020

    Posted (entire article) on Facebook, entitled “Asking for a friend” maybe also check the big RV places for a rental?

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    • Agent X · April 7, 2020

      Great! Thanx. That surely is a help already.

      Yes… I am looking. Never looked at them before, but I am trying to figure out what’s what and maybe find a deal that way. Two nurses might split the fee and get a reasonable deal.


  2. Spy Vs Spy · April 7, 2020

    On Facebook

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    • Agent X · April 7, 2020

      Cool. The more saturation the internet gets the better…



  3. Tim McGee · April 9, 2020

    Regarding hotel rooms, I see from my emails from Hilton that starting April 13 they are offering 1,000,000 rooms worldwide for free for frontline workers. From Marriott, they are offering rooms for frontline workers at a significantly reduced rate. Maybe that will help for a short time. Peace and blessing.

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    • Agent X · April 10, 2020

      Thanx for this headsup.. Thanx also, even more really, for your prayers.

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  4. Agent X · April 10, 2020

    Thanx to all who have responded here both publicly and privately. Thanx for getting the request out and circulated in wider social circles. Thanx for the prayers (I have friends who respond sorry they can do no more than pray, and I understand that. But honestly, talking to God on our behalf is where to start, and without it, there is no real LIFE to preserve. Please pray!

    At this point, the matter is not yet resolved. I liken it to birds in the bush vs the hand. We have at least three or four birds in the bushes right now, but none in hand yet. Certainly, so far, we do not have a RV donated for temporary use. That is, of course, the request. But there are a number of possible FREE hotel rooms coming available. As long as availability holds up, that could actually be the best option.

    We are also looking into renting or even buying an RV, since there are some features to that option which satisfy more desires and needs IF it can be done.

    Mrs. Agent X is actively working the phone and the keyboard trying to come to a conclusion, and if you are reading here and working the knees in prayer, then we trust God is finding his best plan for us, and we will trust him with it.

    Thanx again,

    God bless…



  5. Ron · July 23, 2020


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