It’s a challenge, but Mrs. Agent X (more commonly known as “Mama”) is doing her best.  We got a selfie from her at work keeping watch over small souls struggling (potentially) with pandemic crisis.  If you wanna see “Mama” – you gotta look deep in the eyes…  Past the protection, past the mask, past the fear, past the frustration… and somewhere in there is some deeply self-sacrificial LOVE.  That’s the part we call “Mama” around here.

Hey.  Do us, yourself, and everyone else a favor… as far as it is possible. STAY AT HOME!



  1. agentdc · April 16, 2020

    Thanks to Mrs. Agent X and all the other medical personnel and prayers for all. They are truly heroes.

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  2. Agent X · April 16, 2020

    Yeah… There are good reasons to leave home. But literally every little thing you do has consequences, not just for yourself, but for others. EVERY LITTLE THING! And leaving home is a big one. It is not a crime to leave home, but it’s not a victimless act either.

    I don’t mean to preach against taking risks. That must happen. But I do mean to stress as powerfully as I can that we need to THINK through our actions very, very carefully and take risks WISELY as much as possible.

    Funny, I don’t think there is anything about that which violates God’s best plans for his world.

    So please, please, please… STAY HOME!

    Mrs. Agent X is out there cleaning up after every poor choice and a lot of good ones too. She is putting herself at risk to save others. It could be you or your kid who sees this face watching over your needs. So, even on a selfish level, it behooves you to take care of others and to think of others when you do ANYTHING.

    Okay… I have said enough.

    Thanx for your prayers and cares… dc. Much appreciated. And thanx for responding and giving my little plea an ear and a chance to be heard by others.

    God bless…



    • Agent X · April 16, 2020

      Actually, maybe I haven’t said enough.

      I can’t exactly PROVE this, but I am getting a strong sense that there is a socio/political resistance in much of the local public to take precautions seriously. I venture out for a few important errands and glove up, mask up, AS ADVISED by both health experts AND the mayor. But I see very, very little evidence that others are getting the message. On the contrary, I was in the water store earlier, and the staff were running around bumping into one another and waiting on customers NONE of whom had mask, gloves, or distance between them.

      NOT a lot of people at once, but two – three workers and two – three customers at any given time.

      I’m thinking the resistance is somehow political, because that is the main kind of stupidity we have. We are all pretty good, in this community, with math, we can read and write – decently – and we have like five institutions of higher learning pushing out thousands of grads every year.

      But politicize an airborne virus that kills people, and suddenly it looks like folx are not getting the message.

      Sorry dear. Looks like we are going to keep our community at needless risk. I sure hope this stupidity doesn’t cost you your health or our babies their Mama! I know I wont vote for that.


  3. Tim McGee · April 16, 2020

    Thank you Mrs Agent X. And blessings on the little x’s and the Mr as they worry for your safety as much as you care for others’ safety. Peace.

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