Here we are FIVE weeks into pandemic unemployment with roughly 26 million Americans out of work.  The “newly poor” who many might consider “the deserving” poor, but who nonetheless are a drag on the prosperity of everyone else (well over 2 TRILLION dollars of tax-payer money so far!) make all the headlines.  We are more than a month in to this apocalypse now, and though several states and municipalities are trying to “reopen” for business (Mammon) – too early, according to prominent doctors and scientists, but I am hearing very, precious little about the current plight of the homeless.  Thus meanwhile I am wondering how that When-Helping-Hurts thingy is working out right about now….

Yeah, the United States Congress wasted no time coming together in bipartisan cooperation to pass a monstrous financial aid package for the nation – basically paying Americans to stay home from work.  Yeah.  We are paying people NOT TO WORK!  How ironic is that???  In fact, there was NO DISCERNABLE debate or fear or books or seminars coming out telling us NOT to do this since it will create dependence, “enable” poor choices and addictions, and ironically do HARM to the very people all this help is meant to serve.  None.  Nada.  Zilch.  (Maybe I just listen to the wrong news sources.)

Where are Corbett, Fikkert, and Lupton now?

Are they promoting job training at the homeless shelter?  What job would a homeless person train for?  Shouldn’t the homeless be sheltering in place?

Wait… what shelter do they have to do this sheltering-in-place?  A giant dorm room where they all get compact together in an enclosed space???

Wow!  Do you wish right about now that we had forked up tons of money to put them in their own apartments and homes?

Yeah.  Right about now, I am thinking that by NOT doing that, we have done ourselves great harm!  We are keeping these folx in ever risky situations in a huge effort to NOT REWARD their neediness, but by doing THAT our non-help style “help” has caused great harm to them and to US!

Hmmm… When Helping Hurts is causing the very harm it seeks to avoid!

Wow!  Who knew?

I pray the homeless emerge from this fairing well, but all I see is the ingredients for a disaster cake put in the oven and waiting to ding when the timer goes off.  Very few segments of our population face more risk of both getting and spreading infection than the poor.  And our efforts, back when times were “good” to avoid helping them too much for fear it would harm them and us have totally backfired.

Think about it.

And pray.

Pray God moves through the poor for our salvation like he did among the slaves of Egypt, the whore of Jericho, the widows of Moab, the ruddy, little shepherd boy, the beggars of Samaria, and especially tax-burdened carpenter and his mysteriously pregnant, teenaged wife placing their new baby in a feed trough.  God has a track record of moving through the very people we scorn with our contempt – a far longer track record than he has doing ANYTHING with the US Congress or POTUS.  FAR LONGER.

And far longer than ANYTHING he ever did with When Helping Hurts.


  1. agentdc · April 23, 2020

    Amen. Thank you

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    • Agent X · April 23, 2020

      Thanx for visiting and leaving your comment!

      (btw, I keep just thinking of all the people sitting at home having lost their jobs – or about to lose their jobs – with Corbett and Fikkert’s book on their shelf. Or Lupton’s book on their shelf. I wonder how many of THEM are reading that stuff right about now. I don’t see anyone of Facebook or the blogs signing in to tell us they are newly poor, but please don’t give my ANYTHING because it will only do harm…. I think there are some people struggling to swallow their pride, but I don’t think ANYONE is taking Corbett, Fikkert, or Lupton seriously just now.)

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  2. agentdc · April 23, 2020

    Some people have questioned the $1200 stimulus payment going to those who still have jobs were told that the objective was to get more money into the economy so it was given to everyone. It is available to homeless adults also (see Stimulus Check: How Homeless People Can Access Funds at but it is more difficult and takes longer. Even retired people on Social Security who also get retirement payments from their work in the past get the check. I think I heard the 1200 check was not going to be taxed. Maybe those who did not need it should not have gotten it and more could be given to the homeless who could then stimulate the economy or used to pay for shelter and food for them. Also more should have been given to those who lost their jobs instead of to those who did not need it. Also name universities have gotten large payments when they have huge endowments-billions of dollars. Also to companies that did not need it.

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    • Agent X · April 23, 2020

      I am sure it is too much for some, too little for others, and will be arm-chair quarter-backed for years to come.

      I appreciate anyone who either gives back, pays it forward, or in any way GIVES to others. I appreciate THOSE things MORE than the TAKING of the gift for selfish interests alone. But I appreciate even the wasteful selfish interests alone MORE than I appreciate the stinginess of NOT giving at all – and especially of criticizing those who do.

      This world, and esp this nation, is FULL of wealth. God put us in a world of PLENTY when he made it and us. AND he made us naked and dependent on him and on one another AND CALLED IT GOOD when he did it. All that wealth has not evaporated into nothing. That would be evil, but just as miraculous as God creating everything from nothing. I don’t know anyone with THAT power. So the wealth is still there.

      It’s the SHARING of it like a Jubilee that counts now. And I am mindful that in the biblical worldview, this virus does not have the power to stop us from that communion.

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