About two years ago, I saw a story about a family in Venezuela who had newly become poor.  Each parent alternated eating each day to conserve food for the kids.  I saw that and knew, it could be us.

This pandemic is not the first time Americans have lined up for food or jobs.  My grandparents were born into such an economic disaster.  It was called the Great Depression.  A lot of people died.  Life was hard.

But in time, they came to call my grandparents “The Greatest Generation.”

Seems that those hard times played an important role in forming that generation to be thankful for what they had, to be wise with it, to save, to be generous, to work hard and not complain (excessively).  Hmmm.  The Greatest Generation.

Seems this is how you Make America Great Again…


I know that nobody from my grandparents generation ever shot a kid in the park for his Jordan sneakers!

Well, maybe there is a connection there; maybe not.

Either way, I see those food and work lines forming again.

Welcome to the poor house, America.  

If you need to ask a bum for advice about living on the streets, let me know.  I can introduce you to a few.

If you want to meet in front of the locked up church house door, pray and knock on it with Jesus (Rev. 3:20), I will meet you there.

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