A tale of two bathrooms

What if our church merely opened the bathroom door? What if Jesus came to use our Matthew 25 bathrooms? (It helps if you know the Greek to get that out of it, but it’s there!)

Parish on Fire

I did not plan to make my stand there – in the bathroom. Like some of you, I had dreams for my personal social-isolation. A marathon. A novel. A sonata (played, not written). For my ministry, I imagined a YouTube channel. An online framework of spiritual reflection. A how-to manual for progressive Christian activism.

Then, there was a conversation in the church parking lot. Since COVID-19, in-person worship services at both of my churches have ceased, but FUMC has continued to distribute brown bag meals on Tuesday nights. Many new (and some housed) people have stopped by – such is the reality of rampant unemployment. And also, scores of our frequent guests have come, too – happy to chat as they gather extra bags to distribute in their encampments.

In those conversations, I heard one concern over and over again: Unsheltered folks’ access to bathrooms was always touch-and-go, but now…

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