Christian, Please Wear a Face Mask: Part 1

How do I say this? This blog post is even wordier than me! It is researched well beyond what I would have published. I would have just said that LOVE guides us to the same place all this research does, but maybe this needs to be said too. I hope you will visit this blog, consider the blood on your hands carefully BROTHERS and SISTERS. And yield your liberty to the LOVE of others. (And no, this is not a back door way to worship “safety” – even IF that were a thing coronavirus does to us. No. You can’t love people you put at risk of killing for your own vain interests. Pray on that.

Practically Known Theology

antimaskby John Ellis

While his novel The Plague has been studiously read for over half a century, Camus’ prophetic parable has taken on extra resonance these last few months. In the book, the plague haunting the Algerian town of Oren is Camus’ metaphor for his belief that we live in the absurd situation of waiting for death to claim us, and, make no mistake, death will eventually claim each and every one of us. Front and center in the book is the thematic claim that no matter how much we believe otherwise, none of us have any say in our destiny. For the atheist Camus the reality of death meant that the absurdity of life is a given. Our responses to that given – the absurd – is what interested the great French writer. Do we live in denial? Do we engage in fruitless escape attempts? Do we resign ourselves…

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