At this time, I am seeking prayers for my dear friend and partner in the cause, Agent Mama DJ.

I do not have any details, and I am not sure at this point what I can share of the little bit I know, but I found a message from DJ on my phone this morning sent last night stating she is admitted to the hospital possibly for a heart attack or stroke.

I have not yet spoken to her myself, but some readers here are very familiar with her, in fact a few have met her and understand how dear she is to Jesus and to this ministry.


Thanx for your prayers, and I will update when I have more word.



  1. Praying 🙏

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  2. Tim McGee · May 28

    On it

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  3. Agent X · May 28

    Agent DJ is a one-of-a-kind! She is a very gravitational pull on people. Everyone loves her, confides in her, finds love, help, and hope in her. This is how she has come to be called “Mama” actually. She is younger than me, and I tend to think of mamas as older ladies, but DJ is not that old.

    She is older, of course, than a LOT of young street people, and they are the ones who give her that name. They are the ones who confide in her, take joy from her, and cling to her.

    I, like sooooooo many of my white/middle-class brothers, do not naturally SEE homeless people. I have learned to do it, but that does not make me great at it. Also, I do not have tremendous influence with homeless people. Sometimes on some occasions, yes, but not normally.

    There is almost a whole other culture to the streets, and while I have some affinity for it, I am neither a natural nor overly skilled in interacting with it. The few exceptions to that, and there are a few big ones, coincide, I think, with my imaginative interactions there. I have been blessed on occasion to meet groups of street people on the streets who WANT to worship, to TALK about Jesus at length, and to spend TIME with me. My best memories of these interactions are from spending the night sleeping among these folx in alleys, behind offices, churches, in parks and so forth AND sharing a meal (esp involving the communion meal), song and prayer. On those occasions, I found people talking at length about their beliefs, their spiritual experiences, the love for Jesus and others. The SHARING of food and friendship. Yes, I have crossed that divide a few times and have been deeply blessed by that.

    But DJ always takes it to a new level.

    From the first time I met DJ, I instantly recognized her natural charisma, her social gravity, and I saw her impacting others. People actually enthused to see her! People crowding around to talk to her, to touch her, to hug her and be smiled at by her! She is like a rock star backstage that way – OR more importantly, like Jesus mobbed by needy people!

    Why do I not see this in my church? Why is my church not envious of her??

    I do not know. I can’t understand that unless my church is more enthused about money than people, because that has a way of connecting all the dots.

    DJ is poor.

    I never knew her to actually live on the streets, but she is always one or two heartbeats away from there.

    I asked her to partner with Fat Beggars basically because I know that if she is in the car when I roll down into the district, people will see her, and I can draw a crowd. Fishing with DJ is fishing with a net! Otherwise, I am fishing with a hook and lousy bait.

    When my daughter made it her special project to host a Luke-14 party for the homeless as part of her academic training, she asked for my help, and I asked for DJ’s. She put together tons of food and party favors, but she did not know where or how to attract a whole bunch of street people. But when DJ showed up, we took her to the Ave O soup kitchen where they were already feeding people, and DJ went in and addressed the crowd there saying we were having a Luke-14 party down at the park, all are welcome.

    About 20 minutes later, the crowds starting flocking to the park! I forget the count now, but if you search my blog, there is a post on it from a couple years ago, I think, and you can get the picture there.

    Agent Mama DJ is such a vital part of the Love of Jesus shared on the streets of Lubbock, Texas that I am sure that as news gets out of her hospitalization, there will be MANY poor and homeless people united in prayer today and tonight. Many.

    I think this is a testimony to God’s handiwork. God made a very special person when he made DJ.

    Now I am grateful to any who stop by here to leave us a prayer for her. Hopefully her son, who is with her at the hospital, can read your prayers here and share them with her.

    May heaven here that name Mama DJ today with many, many voices coming together to plea her life. And may we all find Jesus in that life.

    God bless… and Thanx again…


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  4. Agent X · May 29


    Agent Mama DJ was discharged from the hospital today! Yay!

    Turns out her condition was not as serious as first appeared. She spent the night so the doctors could watch her, but was released when it was determined that the issue was not actually her heart, but muscles in spasm complicated with acid reflux.

    Doesn’t feel good. Feels like a serious problem, but blessedly, not as bad as it seems.

    THANX for your prayers!

    Some might see a “false alarm” here.

    Some might see answered prayer.

    Your prayers help.

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