This post is offered purely to ask your excuse from blogging lately.  Like a doctor’s note for someone returning to school or work after being sick for a few days, I hope to get back to blogging, to pick up where I left off.

A few, precious few, of you follow this blog with interest and read here regularly.  And some of you have only this contact with me and nothing else.  For me to just disappear is to leave you wondering…

I apologize for that.

I am not at liberty to discuss all the varied matters, some quite personal, which inhibit me from blogging with regularity lately, but there are several.  Some are technical in nature.  My equipment suffers.  Also I have become very busy with other things.  Complications with pandemic (though so far not involving infection) also play a part.

That said, I will try to continue blogging here, but I expect it will not be nearly as often and likely not as regular.  But I will try to at least address comments (hope I get some) every day or two, and will try to post at least once a week.  If I can more, I will more.

Thanx for your patience and concern.


God bless…


Agent X

One comment

  1. agentdc · June 14

    Praying for you and family to stay well and issues to resolve. Thank you for your blog-you make us think. Agent DC and spouse

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