Mask wearing, a political hot potato for people who would rather blatantly risk infecting their own family, friends, and community than suffer (oh my, the suffering!) this tiny infringement on their freedom (Do they not use seatbelts?) by putting on a mask over their nose and mouth, has just become requested by the Lubbock mayor.  Lubbock, a conservative, Republican – even Trump-enthused town to rival any – has, up until now, largely resisted wearing masks.

Then on tonight’s local news, the mayor is featured saying, “Wear your damn mask!”


Well, that little virus we were saying was all blown out of proportion is whipping the ass of our political denial like nobody’s business right now.  The spike in daily new cases is shocking every day.  The stock market is suffering again.

But you know what?

You can’t vote when you’re dead (… unless you are a Democrat).


Being stupid as a political strategy isn’t working.  Might need to smarten up.

But you know what?

If you just love your neighbor, you will do what’s best for them in season and out.  And if you do that, I don’t really care which way you vote.

Neither does Jesus.

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