Today I want to thank our governor for finally compelling Texans to wear a mask.  The resistance to this very simple, yet profoundly beneficial, measure has been deadly and it’s address looooooong overdue.

When I was a kid, Texans (and really Americans in general) were only too happy to look out for one another.  To care about our neighbors.  We waved at each other (and at strangers) as we drove down the highway.  We stopped and got out of the car as a funeral procession passed.  We didn’t lock our doors when we left home or even for the night, and we welcomed guests we didn’t even know.

And it used to be called “Texas Friendly.”

Now you have to impose a fine to get the simplest charity out of people.  That is shocking.  But this is where we are at.


You know?  I never have been in favor of murder/suicide.  And I would always seek to talk such a person down.  But if they at least would do the suicide first, then maybe at least half or more of the tragedy could be averted… huh?

And these days a cough can be deadly.

I have friends and family that I love and respect who just think it is the end of the world to put on a mask.  They think our world is coming to some end.  But every doctor and nurse I know have a unanimous opinion that this simple measure saves lives!

I guess we have a $200 fine now to consider in the mix.  If you won’t do it for the love of neighbor as your self, then do it for Mammon, because we have a murder/suicide tax now to pay if you don’t.

So, thanx TEXAS!  Thanx Gov. Abbott.  Thanx for putting human life above your re-election plans.  It means a lot to me.  And I am really sad it takes governmental muscle to get us here, but I sure hope to benefit from it.


And God bless Texas!


  1. agentdc · July 2

    It may be my imagination but when I wear my mask to some places it seems that some of those who don’t maybe look at me disapprovingly as if I were a sheep or overcautious or afraid. Talk radio local and national say or almost say that it is the American thing to do to resist wearing a mask because not wearing it shows one is resistant to government over-reach and a patriot. There are studies that say anything. CDC has said that they don’t work and now they say they do. Some say they can be unhealthy for the wearer. I think they are better than nothing, especially in a closed space with other people (which I try to avoid whenever possible, especially if a crowd). If someone does not want to wear a mask for whatever reason, I try to avoid being close. I think that God watches over us, but we need to be reasonably cautious. I do not wear a mask if outside and can distance, also not in house around family. We need to be confident in our hope through God’s grace and Christ’s sacrifice that whatever happens, we will be ok. We hope you are all doing well. Thank you.

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  2. Tim McGee · July 2

    I took my dad on a day trip yesterday. I wore a mask. My dad is in the bullseye of the target of those who are deemed vulnerable to COVID. I wear a mask not in fear but for love of my father. He doesn’t need my breath droplets to come his way, regardless of whether or not I believe I have or have had the virus. So, if I am willing to wear a mask for love of him, then as a professed Christian I should be willing to do so for love of neighbor. And so I do. Seems like the right thing to do. Not for the government. Not against the government. But for love. No politics involved. Just love.

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  3. laceduplutheran · July 3

    Here’s what I wrote earlier today – If you came across Jesus during COVID-19 pandemic, would you wear a mask in order to protect him? Considering that we are all made with Imago Dei, the image of God, we are coming in contact with Jesus. Please wear your mask like you are coming in contact with Jesus.

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