I probably should have just hit the reblog button, but maybe this is more fun.

I invite all my homeless friends, and friends of the homeless, and people who love Jesus, and especially those who find it difficult to maintain agreement with one another (is that not at least half the blog-O-sphere???) to come on over to Harolene’s blog and feast on her post.  I guess I got there early.  I tried to leave a little leftover for ya.  Maybe hurry and get in on the big pieces before they are all gone.

Here is a link:


There’s only you and me and we just disagree


Bring your own forks, knives, torches and.. . oh… scratch that, wrong kind of party… and your napkins, and let’s eat on Harolene’s offerings tonight!

See ya there…


One comment

  1. harolene · August 27, 2020

    Wow!! That’s so neat!!! I may even read it again and reconsider…

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