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I pastor two Community Dinner Churches in Seattle, Washington and work full time as a Street Minister with Operation Nightwatch. My ministry context is with the socially isolated, poor, and marginalized of the city. Capitol Hill Community Dinner Church meets in the parking garage of a Salvation Army’s woman’s shelter downtown. White Center Community Dinner Church meets in a parking lot next to a busy bus route and drug store. My street ministry includes visiting homeless encampments, connecting people to services, developing relationships, and praying with people living on the street. These ministries and churches all welcome the poor into the kingdom of God. The people who don’t consider my work ministry or church are usually “church people”. People who attend church on Sunday, Wednesday Bible study, and prayer meetings are often confused by dinner church. The people who call Community Dinners their church are folks that don’t have traditional…

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  1. anonymous~ · August 28, 2020

    Thank you for reblogging this article. Very beautiful.

    I’m actually afraid for the Sunday go to church people who don’t seem to get the message! From what I understand Jesus said, they all ready have there rewards. Which is a sad state of affairs.
    Please pray for me, so I can keep writing as my conscience directs me?
    Thank you again for your encouragement and prayers.
    God bless you and your family!

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