In this season of political conventions, I am thinking about Jesus and how he campaigned for Tiberius.  Sure, Tiberius had a few shortcomings.  Who doesn’t, right?  What’s a little child molestation between world leaders?  So he was caught on tape bragging about his sexual conquests with the sons of various nobles.

When you’re famous, they let you!

So, anyway, I am thinking all about how Jesus campaigned for Tiberius who campaigned on that idea that Augustus had made Rome Great, now he was going to Make Rome Great Again!  That is what really mattered, and Jesus could plainly see it.  Thus, Jesus Christ (not only and not merely) endorsed Tiberius, but practically got crucified for it by all those idiots who were always siding with the lawless criminals and low-lifes.  All the bums and beggars looking for a handout.  All the riff raff in need of forgiveness.

Jesus NEVER did any of that!

That’s when it dawned on me: My church has yet to do one thing… just one… to help me follow Jesus better.

Maybe they did, and I just can’t remember it.  Maybe.  Someone please help me think of a time when they did.

Now, if I want to be a good Republicant, there is a lot of enthusiasm for raising money to not give to the poor, a lot of fantastic lip-service offered vainly to the NAME of God, and I might even get to go on the ski trip.  But if I want to head down to the streets tonight, roll out a bedroll and share communion with the bums I find drifting in the alleys, there won’t be one single person among the lot of them who will join me, support me, pray for this mission, or even offer a word of encouragement.

Not one.

I’m wondering where the Christians are.

I can show you a whole bunch of Republicants.  But I don’t know where the Christians meet.

If you see one, let me know.


  1. Agent X · August 28, 2020

    Agent DC belongs to the same congregation as me. He would be the standout exception to the observations in this post.

    So, there.

    There is ONE.

    Someone else add to this list. Please.


  2. Anonymous · August 28, 2020

    I agree we should be for king Jesus and our lives need to reflect that. We are all sinners and need to look to Jesus. I wish more people would do that, we are not a political party. We are the kingdom of God. I pray that we as the kingdom will put our Allegiance to king Jesus. I know that sometimes my self does get in the way of this.

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  3. Tim McGee · August 29, 2020

    Politics is soulless. The “battle between good and evil” or the “battle for the soul of America” is not won in votes. It’s won on our knees. It’s won by the love we share. Period. End of story.

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