Where Is The Love? 1 Peter 1:22 – 2:3

I was going to post today, but I think I will just send my reader here instead and not compete for your attention. Please, pay this post a visit. Please engage the discussion there. I beg you.

The Point of Reflection

In a nation divided, and once again bearing the weight of it’s original sin, the sweet aroma of Christ should have been made all the more fragrant. The display of our love for each other across the boundaries that have, before Christ, proven impassable should have declared His supremacy. The ancient hostilities having been put to death in the Church, through the cross, should have made known the multicolored wisdom of God. The unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace, should have leapt off the cultural canvas, setting off the uniqueness and worth of Jesus, the Christ. But sadly, again, it was not to be.

To be fair, there were pockets of unity. There were small displays of love. In some places, people, pastors, and churches, across ethnic lines, came together. They came to express their love for one another in genuine ways. But it wasn’t enough; not…

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