I find in today’s world of hotly argued politics and divisions, that everything I say must pass through echo chambers.  It can be hard to hear in them.  It can be hard to distinguish the message from all the rest of the echoes bouncing off the walls.  I get that.  I struggle with it too.

Here’s the thing:

If I say something critical about President Trump, in the echo chambers, many friends and family think they hear an endorsement, even a love for, Nancy Pelosi, whether I mentioned her name or not.  If I say something positive about George Floyd, many of my friends and family think I am proclaiming that confederate monuments should be taken down.  Whether I make any mention of them or not.

No doubt I might.  But in the echo chambers, it seems I did speak to those other matters and in a certain way whether I did or not.

Let me be on record here:

I do my best to think for myself.  I don’t reiterate someone else’s talking points bit by bit, but speak my own mind – which might incorporate SOME of someone else’s thoughts, but almost never follows the same well-beaten path.  I am not committed to either party or ideology.

If I say I want you to wear a mask around me, I am not suggesting you get a burka and strap on a weapon and start praying to Allah.  But there is a tendency to hear me that way in the echo chambers.

Of course, the same can be said going the other direction.  If I say something critical of Nancy Pelosi, it does not mean I endorse Donald Trump.  In fact, if you can dial down the volume in the echo chamber a bit, you will find that I champion neither one of them.  In fact, I REALLY don’t.


  1. Child Of God · September 20

    I respect your train of thought but the Country needs us all to vote and we need peace.

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  2. laceduplutheran · September 21

    Dualistic thinking is going to kill this country. Critical thinking is at an all time low. Sorry to be so pessimistic, but it’s what I encounter. Yet, there are those who use critical thinking and when I have conversations with them, it is a breath of fresh air. I don’t even care if I agree with someone or if we disagree on everything. There’s a huge difference in the conversation when someone starts with the assumption that they are talking with a human being who has the image of God in them.

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