The Curious Case of Mohamed Noor


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The Roofless Church

Remember when Mohamed Noor was convicted of murder when he mistakenly shot Justine Ruszczyk. I knew he was going to go down because of how it is. And notice that I didn’t define “it”. Because most of us who have to live with “it” know how “it” is. That’s why even though they say their hands were tied in Louisville, ________.

And yes, I know they are different states. But are they really?

I know I’m going to fail miserably at articulating this. But, here it goes.

We don’t matter. We never have. Not in the way that many of us are asking to matter. (I’m not asking by the way.) The reason why I can say half the things I do is because I realized at an early age that I was playing a different game with different rules even though it might be on the same court. I’m…

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