Well, with the presidential election almost one-fourth the way over now, I am just about “ready to call it for…” Putin! Yes. There was a moment there when I thought it would go to the Republicans, but then it looked like it would be Biden. But now, with only three-fourths of this process left to go, I am confident that the Russians are winning.

(And they said this was the safest and most secure election in history! Ha!!! Putin messed with this one four years ago! And it’s paying off big now!)

That’s quite amazing considering Putin’s name didn’t appear on the ballot.

But neither did you find the name Jesus there.

Please cast your vote for Jesus. There is still time. Vote early; vote often. Vote late!!! No. His name is not on the ballot, but neither is Putin’s, and he is winning. But maybe if we vote – really vote – for Jesus, this election might actually turn this country around.

Rig the vote for Jesus – PRAY!

Just sayin’

… and prayin”

I am Agent X, and I endorse this message.

There are no rules to pray this game, but grace and love for your enemies applies.

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