Texas mayor Tim Boyd resigns after telling residents desperate for power and heat “only the strong will survive” – CBS News

I saw this story elsewhere, but only took the time to check it out when I found this post. I think I am gonna have to start talking about Christian Darwinism soon. Please see this story, and let’s talk…

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  1. therooflesschurch · 11 Days Ago

    Definitely talk about it. I’m having a real challenge with seeing so many people who profess Christ publicly be since next level hypocrites. But the hardest part for me isn’t that they’re failing on massive scale and sewing division and hate. It’s watching people follow them unflinchingly.

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    • Agent X · 11 Days Ago

      Did you go look at the article? Did you see the original post by the mayor?

      Do you hear echoes of Darwin? Survival of the Fittest? Do you hear echoes of Cain? “Am I my brother’s keeper?”

      Did you notice the contortions “God” must be put through (assuming the mayor means the Father of Jesus Christ when he uses that word “God”?

      Where was even the slightest concern for LOVE in that post?

      LOVE was not in that post, but seething beneath the surface there is FEAR! Fear that generations of children in Texas have been raised wrong and primed to be “Socialists.” So afraid of SOCIALISM that the FEAR has squeezed out any semblance of LOVE. But he still has the gumption to toss the word “God” around with his judgment.


      Yes. I am one of those Christians who historically has shied away from politics. I have learned over time that separating politics and religion is an American ideal meant to shut up Jesus and people who speak for him. I am still learning how to speak in HOLY ways that do not drag the GOOD NAME through the political mud, but I recognize that if other “Christians” are going to do that, I have some responsibility to speak up.

      Thanx for reading here. Let’s talk some more.

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      • therooflesschurch · 11 Days Ago

        Oh yeah. I read it. I sought on the news last night as well. I have been working on a post for two weeks about people lying about loving God. But I haven’t gotten myself to the point where I’m ready to share it. But call mom with the whole politics thing. It’s impossible to separate who we are from what we do. Politics is a human activity. If God is a part of who we are, God is going to be in politics. Call make up these rules to shut people up. Meanwhile, they are shouting at the rooftops being hypocrites all day. So, I just do what I do.


  2. Sylvia · 11 Days Ago

    As for me and my house, I close to be biblically correct, not politically correct. Jesus was involved with dealing with politics up close and personal..I.e. coin in fish, render unto Ceasar what is Ceasar. It is possible to be a Christian politician, be biblically correct…don’t pimp God or Jesus by simply throwing their names into rhetoric to make an appearance of Christian. Remember its what we do that matters because people watch to see if “the Christian” measures up. Talk the talk? Walk the walk.


  3. Harolene Leguizamon · 11 Days Ago

    Only three words, OH MY GOD!!!!!


  4. Agent X · 11 Days Ago

    This is where I get more personal than I likely can really know… but…

    FEAR. The mayor’s words and actions betray his FEAR. He is not LOVING his constituents. And really… anyway…. name a politician who actually LOVES his/her constituents. IF you have even one example, please post it.

    But the FEAR of socialism and all that comes out, at least in this way at this time when the mayor’s office is flooded with calls of people in NEED.

    My heart goes out to the guy for feeling overwhelmed. I face that too. I must have the humility to confess that. But, I neither set the bar nor am I the mayor. So… there’s that too. But, as I sit with this story and try to put myself in the mayor’s shoes, I note that he feels inadequate for the challenge.

    “Who is sufficient for this?” asks St. Paul.

    It’s a good Bible question. It gets right to the nub.

    The mayor is at a point where some humility is warranted, but he chooses to bluff with pride. American pride. Deflect his fear with pride. This little man with big responsibility and people flocking to him in NEED is NOT sufficient, but he is deflecting that for al he is worth.

    I could fall for that too.

    But it is still a problem.

    Jesus (Do you think this mayor and any of his constituents think the USA is a “Christian nation”?) walks dusty trails around Galilee with MOBS of needy people flocking to him for just a chance to touch his shirt! He is pressed in on all sides. He enters a house, and there is not room even to eat. They run to the place he is headed before he gets there.

    And he PRAYS a LOT! And he gives and GIVES and GIVES!!!! until it hurts.

    And THAT is the real ideal.

    The mayor and his constituents need to hear the GOOD NEWS about HIM.


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