It turns out that it is incredibly easy to be wrong about … about stuff… and not even know it.  I mean dead wrong, partially wrong, everything in between… about all kinds of … STUFF.

Easy.  Did I mention it’s easy?

Basically, we believe what we WANT to believe.  That desire-factor is a lot bigger than we realize, I think.  I mean you can and do believe some stuff you don’t want to believe.  But that WANT filter is quite a filter, and impacts what you believe far more than you are apt to realize.  Thus you might be wrong about some stuff and quite resistant to facing up to it!

Thus, there are levels and layers and complexities to this that make it so you can just get along in life a very long way down the road being dead wrong and not know it.


Take babies for instance:

I love babies.  I spend a LOT of time taking care of babies.  A LOT.  I am more skilled than most of you mama’s out there at this point.  I don’t know everything, and I have a lot to learn still, but I tend to babies A LOT!  I have changed more diapers before 8 am over the last five years than most parents change their whole lives!  And I do it because I love babies.

Now…  I see one of FOUR (count ’em FOUR – 1, 2, 3, 4) babies running around like the Soggy Bottom Boys from that movie, and I think, “I just changed that diaper ten minutes ago.”  I don’t WANT to believe that diaper needs changed.  I resist the notion.  T-I-M-E goes by as I cling for all I am worth to the belief that that diaper is still clean!

But I am wrong.  And if I don’t get right with it soon, that baby’s bootie is gonna suffer for my dead wrong belief about that diaper.  And that ain’t love.

Feel me?

Yeah… so how do you think this stuff translates to our love for the poor and needy, the homeless in our midst?

Do you LOVE the poor?  Do you tend to the poor?  How?  Send a check to the poverty ministry and let THEM take care of the poor for you?

I bet the poverty ministry you send your money to never throws the poor out to the cold of night arbitrarily.  Right?

And you know this … how?  Because that is what you WANT to believe???

Feel me yet???

How do you think this translates to issues of theology, liturgy, beliefs about the Bible?

How do you think this translates to issues of politics, news sources, or being neighborly?

Wanna talk about it?


I am quite sure SOMEBODY is dead wrong about SOME stuff.  We can’t all be right!  Somebody got something wrong somewhere.  Could it be you?


  1. Agent X · March 20

    I could just be wrong about all of that…


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