I’m running out of ideas for saving this blog. Not a tech savvy type, and getting frustrated. I can communicate through the comments on this post. But otherwise, I think I might be done with Fat Beggars… at least here. Thanx for reading. God bless…


  1. Tim McGee · March 30

    Not sure what your technical problems might be. Is it the “Block Editor”? I write my posts in Google Docs and then just cut and paste into WordPress.
    Alas, if you leave this medium, I will miss your wisdom and your honest assessment of how to live as Christ taught. Peace and blessing to you and all your little xxx’s and of course, Mrs. X.


  2. Harolene Leguizamon · March 30

    I wish I knew what the problem is! I’m so sorry!


  3. laceduplutheran · March 30

    Can you explain a bit about what’s going on that is preventing you from blogging as normal?


  4. Agent X · March 31

    I’m not gonna lie. It grieves me to end this blog. Even now, I enjoy a place to share my thoughts, and I have very little outlet for that otherwise. So, there is pain in just thinking that too.

    However, I was blogging almost 20 years ago – passionately too. But I quit and moved on then. I wasn’t “missing it” when I started this one, but was following prompts from several influential people in my life (well at least 3).

    To be frank, when I started this blog, I ended my street rag – which was much more exciting and clandestine than this blog ever was. I wish I could continue doing THAT. But blogging was free and publishing my own street rag cost time and money I no longer have. BUT, I had a circulation then too. Way more than this blog.

    The blog sorta died about a year and a half back, honestly. I assessed and realized I was not meeting any goals. I have begun morphing it anyway. Branching out and talking about race and such. NONE of that was part of the plan. And though I find such exploration to be vitally important, it in no way is connected to the original plans and goals. Tangentially on its best day.

    I am not committed to shutting down here, but neither am I committed to the work it takes to overcome this obstacle. I think I will treat it as a sign. And unless the obstacle removes itself (or is divinely moved), I will let this blog go.

    Thank you for reading here.

    IF anyone reading here finds this note and wants personal private contact with me, just leave me an email or some other contact info. I will not publish that, but I can then reach out on a personal basis.

    That will do for now.

    Again, THANX

    and God bless….



  5. Agent X · April 10

    I don’t know what to say about this glitch. Seems I am the April fool. The problem came up suddenly, and though there were a number of changes to my blog (all behind the scenes) the glitch that refused to allow me to enter a new post suddenly disappeared.

    I am no tech guy. So, I was mostly baffled. I tried a couple different approaches over and over again (making me the definition of crazy). I even tried to start a new blog, and I think I did, but I ran into technical issues with that too. Apparently the set up process has changed in recent years, and I failed to navigate that.

    But finally, I opened it up again the other day just to sit and loot and contemplate it. And what do you know??? I can type, enter content, and post!

    It’s not as simple as it used to be, but close enough.

    It’s ugly, I know, but so is this blog.

    Honestly, I would post on napkins if that is all I had. And I used to produce my own little street rag (which I kinda enjoyed more than the blog, honestly) which was expensive and time consuming and which provided the slimmest of feedback.

    At any rate, it looks like I am back. For now at least. So, thanx for reading and caring.

    Means a lot.

    God bless…



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