…but it does me.  And I am so jazzed that whether you are or not, I am gonna say it again.

A few weeks ago, I posted The Gospel According to Joe.  You can link it here:

I know I am not the greatest theologian.  I know I am not a great blogger.  But I am still jazzed by the Jesus, the Gospel, the mystery of God, I find in Joe’s story.  I just don’t think some of this stuff is mere coincidence.  It is the Word of God!  There are dimensions of poetry and music in it that I will never grasp, but I catch these little tidbits that no one else ever seems to talk about, and I am totally enthralled.

I find communion – Eucharist – in the story.  This grand sweeping epic that bookends the book of Genesis with creation and Joe and sets the story of God off on a particular trajectory we will follow all the way through St. John’s Apocalypse.

And one of the tidbits that just reverberates so tremendously that I feel like I have to yell in order to be heard from the clatter and cacophony surrounding it is that when Joe gets in prison and starts interpreting dreams again, the two men who come to him for this service are the cup bearer and the baker.

Cup and bread.

This cup and bread almost slip in and out of the melody unnoticed for what they are.  But they are set within a grand story about God feeding the starving world through an enslaved, left for dead, thought dead, convict and right under the nose of the greatest imperial king that ancient world ever knew!  The world is starving!  But Joe feeds it.  Like bread from heaven, he feeds the whole world.  And within that story with this cup and this bread there is another meal where Joe is restored to his brothers who want him dead, who live a lie that he is dead.

I see Jesus in every heartbeat of this story.

I come to the table, and I am one of his brothers who wished him dead, who has been living a lie, but who he is doing business with in deep places I can’t access.

And I think that is absolutely tremendous.

It makes me want to go partake Eucharist RIGHT NOW!

How about you?

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