America is quite a revolting place.  Our “Founding Fathers” revolted and put in place a certain kind of order for us to govern ourselves.  But it started with revolt.  Some white people didn’t like the tax system, and so some people got killed, a new flag was made, some new songs sung, and so on and so forth.

But it’s not actually the voltage that kills you.  It’s the current.

Currently, just within this year (and just within the last 12 months), Americans have boarded up businesses and downtown districts, not because of COVID (just think of all the complaints about how virus precautions have killed business!), but because some white people don’t like the outcome of the last presidential election.  Sore losers running around lying about it for political gain and just when we let our guard down, they storm the capitol pitching their temper tantrum – an offense I thought by all rights would get you shot dead on sight!  (I still don’t understand why the capitol grounds aren’t bloodstained for that kind of treason.)

But while all the white people are embittered and rioting over being taxed too much or out voted too much, we have black people rioting over getting murdered too much.

I really hope that Maxine Waters didn’t disrupt an otherwise orderly carriage of justice with her trigger happy mouth.  I sure don’t want to go through this again.  I really hope America learns the lesson on this round and not more rounds of this, and while I sympathize with Waters’s position, I think the judge in the Chauvin trial was right.  She needs to keep her mouth closed right now.  We already know her position and the stakes.  We don’t need to be educated on it.  There will be plenty of time for her words on the other side of this, assuming they are needed.

Meanwhile, here on the street corner in Lubbock, Texas this morning, it’s cold!  Unseasonably cold.

It’s not so cold as to cause someone to freeze to death unless they are really caught off guard, but being the back side of April in this country, that really could happen.  A street bum shedding that coat and long pants two weeks ago and being unprepared last night won’t have the benefit of the “Survive The Night” wagon with their hot drinks, blankets, and invitation to come indoors.  That’s a Christmas season thingy, not an Easter season thingy.

I hate to involve myself with matters over my head, like politics and riots and all.  I mean, I do think that stuff is important, and that as an American I have a right to an opinion and even a duty to be informed, but I don’t want to come off as some big know it all (Ps. 131:1).  I am not some know it all.  I just notice these little things while the big things get all the attention.  I wonder if these low voltage things matter to anyone.

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