‘APPY EARTHDAY! (hijacking the vibe for my own selfish ambitions)

Please come and party with me.  Watch me blow out some ‘andles on my ‘ake.  Bring me lots and lots of ‘resents and ‘ifts.

I am so ‘appy to celebrate another earthday!


  1. Agent X · April 22

    Ha ha! Cute, I know. But it goes to show how these things get hijacked.

    I could have tear gassed a peaceful protest so I could get a picture of myself holding a Bible on the nightly news.

    Shoot. That’s really kind of a twofer… or even threefer since I will then claim to be the “law -n- order” guy while raking in the adulations of “Christian” types with political ambitions bigger than their discipleship ambitions.

    I win all the way around like that.

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  2. harolene · April 22



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