This blog is toast

By anyone’s definition, I think.

It was trash when it started, and now we have reached a point where it can’t do anything but frustrate.

I miss blogging. I have all kinds of things to share.

Well, maybe not all kinds of things. Maybe pretty much the same two or three things repackaged hundreds of different ways. Maybe that is all.

But now this blog is reduced to me checking it to write posts like this and just see how far I get.

Usually, I don’t get this far.

Does that mean my affliction is gone now?


Will it come again like a chronic illness?


All I can say is that IF this post goes through, I will probably try again. After all, blogging is why I am here.

Let’s see…. where is that publich


That bum you drive past, walk past, shun, or look away from is loved by Jesus enough and so much that he gives up his whole life for him. Everything he’s got. Even that annoying bum who globs onto you in neediness (perhaps needing your attention more than anything else?) is a child of God that Jesus loves. Jesus loves this person with all his heart, touches even lepers to heal them, will break with Sabbath conventions and endure scorn to show this love. Jesus pays the price for this man’s sins.

How can the LOVE of Christ be in you and your church? (I John 3:17 anyone?)


I didn’t kill a man. What I did was kill evil.

And when you were baptized, you died with Christ and were buried with him. Is that correct?

Yes. I died with Christ.

And everyone else in that worship service, did they all die with Christ already too?

Most of them. Yes.

So, why did you feel the need to kill the man if you were already dead? Aren’t you “defending” the dead with Christ now? With a gun? Killing evil with a gun??? Right at the celebration of Christ’s sacrifice for sinners? Come on now… didn’t you kill a sinner and not evil? Aren’t you spinning this for the lame stream media now???

Well… uh…

I killed evil. Didn’t I say that?

You did say that, but that is truly a bold claim considering evil is still alive and well. I mean, half a million people died last year from a virus just after you “killed evil.” What are you saying?

Oh… well, you are confusing things now. Putting words in my mouth.

The Old College Try

I have no idea why I was able to get a couple of lines of text into a post the other day, whereas previous to that nothing. All I can say is that last time this happened, a week or so into the problem, it suddenly lifted. Not that I went back to blogging as usual. No. I had a new normal. But, it worked. A couple new hoops to jump through, but I was back.

Here I am this morning just allowing time to pass and see if time will tell yet again. Each word and line I type in this post suggests my problem has passed yet again. Though obviously, now, there is every indication that it will come up again unexpectedly.

Life on the web!

I was born a long time before this blogging thing was even possible. To be honest, I am more at home with a phone on a loooooooooong cord that stretches from the kitchen to the back room. (If you are over 40, maybe you know what I mean.)

So… I guess I will stop short of saying “I’m Back, Baby” in this post. Just be grateful that I have a handful of people willing to stop by this blog and check my pulse.

So, to you I say, THANX.

If this goes through

The Conclusion of the Matter

Please listen to this “noise maker” and give your prayer, time, and care to the cause.


Prove It

In December of 2020, Manna Cafe director Kenny York spent two weeks as a homeless man in a quest to find a solution to the homelessness crisis in Clarksville. He challenged both government and church by asking, “Do you care? Prove it.” As a result, many of you are now asking, “How can we help? What can we do?” Kenny offered this answer:

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Here we go AGAIN! I am suddenly revisited by the same gremlins that took over my blog almost six weeks ago and kept it hostage for a couple of weeks (about). I am trying everything my tech-challenged brain can think of to counteract this problem, but I keep running into the same brick wall over and over again. I have no idea if, or when, I will be free of this nonsense again. But I hope to be blogging again soon.

Fat Beggars School of Prophets

I seem to have lost control of my blog. Major technical difficulties here. Trying to

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