1. Agent X · May 7, 2021

    Given the gremlins invading this blog and choking the life out of it, I am forced to get creative. On the one hand, “The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away.” So, maybe I need to just be done with this blog. (I considered that seriously the last time this happened just a few weeks ago.) But on the other hand, whatever (whoever) cut me out of the blog posting process, seems to have relented after a few days, and I wonder if that won’t happen again.

    Still, being occasionally held hostage sounds so bad, that I doubt either my readers or I have that kind of patience for long.

    So… in the meantime, I can communicate here in titles and comments. It’s the body of the post that won’t work.
    I actually created a new blog a few weeks ago, but decided I didn’t like it, and now I cant figure out how to delete it or change it. So, I don’t really want to do that either. But this title/comments end run plunges me truly underground.
    Way back when I first started blogging, there was a sense that blogs in general were kind of subversive, underground thingies. Trendy for edgy people. Now they are mainstream for the lame stream and hobbies for the bored – mostly. But some of us find worthwhile connection here, and take joy from it. But, I doubt getting all underground here will catch on with many people, and is probably more trouble than it is worth.

    But, hey!

    At least for one post, it might be kinda fun.

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  2. harolene · May 7, 2021

    Love it! There’s more than one way to skin a cat 😂

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