The Old College Try

I have no idea why I was able to get a couple of lines of text into a post the other day, whereas previous to that nothing. All I can say is that last time this happened, a week or so into the problem, it suddenly lifted. Not that I went back to blogging as usual. No. I had a new normal. But, it worked. A couple new hoops to jump through, but I was back.

Here I am this morning just allowing time to pass and see if time will tell yet again. Each word and line I type in this post suggests my problem has passed yet again. Though obviously, now, there is every indication that it will come up again unexpectedly.

Life on the web!

I was born a long time before this blogging thing was even possible. To be honest, I am more at home with a phone on a loooooooooong cord that stretches from the kitchen to the back room. (If you are over 40, maybe you know what I mean.)

So… I guess I will stop short of saying “I’m Back, Baby” in this post. Just be grateful that I have a handful of people willing to stop by this blog and check my pulse.

So, to you I say, THANX.

If this goes through

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