I just don’t know. Not really. I check in ever few days, and sometimes I get a particle to publish, other days… nothing. Kinda sad


  1. harolene · May 26, 2021

    You have a lot of responsibility and on top of that you actually care about what’s going on in this world. Don’t be weary in well doing!! (Quote from a famous book?) Keep on keeping on (quote from my grandfather) Take a deep breath and know it’s all going to be alright! (That’s from me) 🙏😇

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    • Agent X · May 26, 2021

      The hidden blessing (in disguise as we sometimes say) is that I have turned more time, attention, and energy elsewhere – particularly to my HOSPITALITY project (book?). That is growing fast now, and I sense I have a track to run with it now rather than just a huge cloud of info. It is almost developing itself now as I have redrafted the first four chapters thee times and the first two another three times, and now I have five more joining them with a projected 16 or 17 in all, as it stands right now.

      I have some critical things to present in that project still, but that part is shrinking all the time and making way for the glory to be found in what God is doing far more than in the complaints about what we are doing. (I was really struggling with that mightily a year and a half ago).

      So, that is the part I am most excited about. I also hope my attention to other things is improving as well.

      But, I must say, I was hitting a new stride with the blog too, I thought. Certainly the racial stuff… I very much want more dialog, and it seemed to me that I was maybe, just maybe, attracting a bit of good attention and dialog there.

      But… as God wills.

      This blog is meant to explore and even be prophetic. While not every word of it falls strictly into that ideal, that is the general thrust, and thus it seeks to attend far more to God’s word than mine or my desires. He empowers his word as he wills, not me. And even though I have ideas about that, it’s his ideas that count, and mine must yield to his.

      Thanx for reading and encouraging me!

      God bless you…

      Oh, and I will check in from time to time. Who knows? It loosened up and got going once before … mysteriously. I never understood what happened the first time or why I was able to post again after a forced hiatus, and I don’t now either. The problem is sorta fickle that way, and so I will monitor and who knows what the future holds in that regard?


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  2. harolene · May 26, 2021

    Isn’t there someone in the WordPress admin to whom you can ask questions and get answers about this ? I’m so personally sorry about it 💔


    • Agent X · May 26, 2021

      I reached out a couple of months ago when this happened, and I forget now why that failed. I wanna say that after the initial feedback, there just was no more contact despite my efforts.

      I have researched the problem on line and followed the directions as far as I can tell, but eventually I reach a point where the directions given no longer are an option.

      I spent so much time and energy on it getting frustrated that I decided to stop. I really don’t think blogging is supposed to turn into this. But then when I started this blog, I was sorta feeling pushed into it by friends rather than eager. (I have blogged before for many years, and I don’t see much direct benefit.) But then the argument was that it’s God’s to do with as he sees fit. Its a hard change of gears at this point, esp since I enjoy some fellow bloggers in a little community of sorts, butwhen I think of it in that big picture, I find it not too hard to let go too.

      yada yada yada… I’m not saying anything new, I don’t think….

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