This blog is toast

By anyone’s definition, I think.

It was trash when it started, and now we have reached a point where it can’t do anything but frustrate.

I miss blogging. I have all kinds of things to share.

Well, maybe not all kinds of things. Maybe pretty much the same two or three things repackaged hundreds of different ways. Maybe that is all.

But now this blog is reduced to me checking it to write posts like this and just see how far I get.

Usually, I don’t get this far.

Does that mean my affliction is gone now?


Will it come again like a chronic illness?


All I can say is that IF this post goes through, I will probably try again. After all, blogging is why I am here.

Let’s see…. where is that publich

One comment

  1. Tim McGee · June 1

    I like toast.

    Liked by 1 person

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