Hey, I’m Just Sayin’

Thanx for reading this blog over the years. Thanx for joining me on this little tour from the past.

Fat Beggars School of Prophets

Hey, I am no trained journalist.  I am not a TV reporter.  I am no Newspaper guy.  I am just a lowly servant of God.  A prophet – seeing – and then telling what I see.  A prophet doing – mostly imagination expansions with worship.

I go to the streets with a sensitivity for the humanity there.  I don’t see a mess or a nuisance; I see the image of God.  I don’t make excuses for the mess, I accredit it to God.  When the young prophet embodying Israel’s God enters that Temple and throws tables, scatters the money, and drives everyone out with a whip, He makes a mess for the people of God in that place of worship to clean up.  This is God coming home.  The Master of the House returns unexpectedly.

So, yeah.  I write of what I see through that kind of lens.  They don’t…

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