The 501c3 Body of Christ

Fat Beggars School of Prophets

I have talked about the Business of Homelessness before – see here.  It really disturbs me that the church doesn’t just do its ministry.  Rather, the church (aka the Body of Christ) turns her ministry over to “non-profit” organizations which stand to make vast sums of money off the work they supposedly do for the poor.

This literally just came up in conversation for me a few minutes ago all over again.  I visited with a homeless man selling papers down on the corner when I was pumping gas, and he described the state of yet another major, “non-profit,” para-church ministry in this town.  He told of all the shake up going on, the contracts with other organizations and with the federal government.  And I am seeing careers getting launched while my street friends languish.


I do not mean to suggest that a 501c3 is inherently evil, but…

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