The Church I LOVE

Fat Beggars School of Prophets

There’s the church you’ve got, but then there is the church you want.

It is sad that they are not always the same.  (In fact rarely the same.)  Out of all the churches I have been a part of throughout my life, two really jazzed me.  They made me sense I was a part of the very Life of Jesus.  And both times it was because, in addition to all the fervent worship of Jesus (guided by “sound doctrine” – though they were), these assemblies embraced the poor (in fact a mix of various groups) with open arms.  The Sunday assemblies were a jammed up mishmash of unlikely people celebrating their faith together with great care and intimacy.

I want to tell you about the first one I ever experienced (and this, after a childhood full of church experiences where the “sound doctrine” reigned supreme).  I was at college in Abilene, Texas in…

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