“I Can Only Imagine”

Like a postcard from the edge of heaven… Enjoy!

Fat Beggars School of Prophets

I suppose I should take this opportunity to thank the music group MercyMe for retrieving our Christian imagination after John Lennon stole it from us.  (I love the John Lennon song, btw, but there is no doubt his version of peace is hostile to that of Jesus.  Yet much like Aslan taking Edmund for a short walk and talk, I hope that Lennon’s misguided desires, which were a natural response to his fear and disgust with war, can be rehabilitated with penance.)  Nevertheless, just mentioning these things acknowledges that “the world” (and the principalities and powers therein) are at war for the heart and soul of human imagination.

Back in October, I posted a fairly in-depth introduction to my thoughts on Christian imagination.  Today, I desire a chance to come into yours and explore the battle field of your mind with the maps they are using in heaven’s war room. …

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