Exploring Faith Beneath Your Contempt

I think that back when this blog was going uninhibited, I should have dealt more with this topic. So, here I will just call attention to what has already been said one more time. Thanx for visiting.

Fat Beggars School of Prophets

I don’t usually engage the public with concern for suffering stigma. I do not have any obvious mental or physical ailments or oddities that call for attention (or inattention). And so, as a day in/day out reality, I do not worry about such things.  And I almost could have gone my whole life, I think, without considering it much.

I think one of the first times I dealt with suffering stigma was in my early adult life, and I joined a family I had just met at church for lunch in a public restaurant. When our food came, they all wanted to pray over the food. The prayer was not flamboyant, but it was still a public display of what otherwise had always been a matter of private piety for me. The father of this family prayed over the food for almost 2 minutes as we all dutifully bowed, and…

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