The Fat Beggars School of Prophets?

Today’s long-goodbye, reoffering was originally intended to introduce the blog, but this is Amnesia Lane. So… enjoy…

Fat Beggars School of Prophets

What is that all about?

I had the pleasure of answering questions about this street ministry at the Vandelia Church recently, and it makes sense that I write more about us.  This will make a great way to introduce us and open the doors for Jesus.  It aids by answering who we are and how to join us.

Agent X began a career in ministry to addicts at the One-Eighty House in Abilene, TX back in 1999 and a career in prison ministry back in 2000.  In 2002, I moved to Lubbock, TX and joined The Shepherd’s Servants, a prison after-care ministry.  In 2004, I moved out to the streets reaching out to addicts, pushers and prostitutes with a party.  This party changed everything.  The ministry began taking on prophetic dimensions.  And it was about this time that I read a book by Tony Campolo called The Kingdom of God is a…

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