Special Agent K

If you are reading here today, I invite you to pause and ask God to bless Special K… wherever she is now…


Fat Beggars School of Prophets

I wonder if anyone reading here will remember my post on ALPO (Agent Li’l Psych-O).  It was one of my more popular posts, but it goes back several months now.  In that post I described spinning my wheels in futility as I helped a brother carry his cross.  He struck me as heavily delusional, which in turn made me consider how delusional I was in thinking I might “help.”

I just had another similar encounter this afternoon.  I will not give her name.  Normally I would call her Agent K, but maybe we can consider her a bit more special than that.  Let’s name her Special Agent K, and then affectionately refer to her as Special K.

Yeah.  I like that.

I was driving along 50th near Indiana with Agent Dad yesterday when he noticed a heap of luggage just across 50th from the Market Street.  I was too…

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