His Name Was Robert Paulson

One more personal story. I have sooooooo many. But a few on the way out will do. We can find Jesus in “the least of these” if we will only look. And when we find him there, we find him here (in us too). How can I make it any clearer???

Fat Beggars School of Prophets

I used to work in a psych unit.  I don’t talk about work on the internet, largely because I could cause my employer distress.  But also because of my need for confidentiality.  Fat Beggars School of Prophets operates largely in anonymity.

That said, I encountered a lot of street-homeless people in the psych hospital.  A lot!  But we had one of them develop physical illness and die after a few weeks in the ICU.  That patient had no next of kin.  That patient had no home.  And yet, that patient was beloved by our staff.  I will not give the name or even the gender of the patient away on the internet, not even in death.  (My apologies to Project Mayhem.)  Instead, I will call this prophet: Agent Deep Cover – Jesus moved into a difficult skin!

Agent Deep Cover was one of the most mentally afflicted people I ever met. …

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