Remembering Special Agent Alcoholica

No doubt I could have, should have, written a better post, but the warm thoughts and feelings for the people featured in it are worth the trouble reading it. I wish I could introduce you to this couple, and I am hopeful that when we all gather in the Age to Come after the resurrection and judgment of God, I still might!

Fat Beggars School of Prophets

It is with caution in regard to “rumors of my demise” (think Mark Twain, Abe Vigoda, and not least Johnny Schizo), I want very much to remember my friend and colleague, Special Agent Alcoholica.  I have heard the rumors of his demise more than once, but a couple of months ago, I heard them from some reasonably reliable sources.  And in that time, he has not resurfaced alive to counteract them.

I don’t like associating him too closely with alcohol, but I cannot imagine remembering him without reference to it.  In some regards, SA Alcoholica was the worst-case-scenario.  He was an unrepentant, alcoholic, homeless man living in alleys around the downtown area of Lubbock for years.  I only knew of one time that he was not drunk or searching for a drink over the years, but he was my friend and a fellow missionary.  I miss him.

He is…

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