This Is Why We Don’t Have NICE THINGS

The good book says to the door keeper, STAY ALERT! You do not know the day or hour when the MASTER of the house will return. You would think doorkeepers in the church would heed that. Here’s one of my experiences with door keeping…

Fat Beggars School of Prophets

When I was young, I bought a small Chevy Chevette.  Young people today, won’t know what that was.  You don’t see them on the road anymore.  But the one I got had survived a fire!  And it looked like it didn’t really survive it.  But what can I say?  The thing ran!  So…(for $300) I drove it.  Even used a large screw driver to shift the gears.

And when I was out driving across the Indian Reservations of Arizona or New Mexico, I picked up a lot of hitchhikers.  Bums on the side of the road.  And often I apologized for the mess.  It became my habit.  But then I bought a new car, my first real car loan.  And the new car had gadgets, options, zip, AND SHINE!  It had “that new car smell”!

Wow!  I drove that car with my head held high.  I felt like I had joined…

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  1. Tim McGee · June 25, 2021

    Hey X, appreciate the trip down memory lane. Confused as to how you can write intros and re-publish old posts but not put out a new one. Nonetheless, always fun to read what you’d written before I started following you.
    On another note, have been spending some contemplative time with Proverbs 14:31. Seems your kinda proverb.
    Peace to you, Mrs X, and all the minor Xs puttering about.

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    • Agent X · June 25, 2021


      Thanx for your response. Means a lot to me.

      As for tech stuff… I dunno. I just tried reblogging myself, and it worked. The blog allows me to comment both in the reblog and in the comments section below. For whatever reason, that has not stopped. However, when I open the new post feature, it just goes blank anymore. Used to be that I could post a title and a line or two (maybe). It was fickle then too, but now it just goes blank.

      As for Proverbs 14…

      I have that passaged marked in my study Bible. To be honest, I have not given extensive thought to most Proverbs. Prov 31 is a particular interest, and the first five or six (for other reasons and other interests) too, but chapter 14 is not in my priority list.

      That said, I think I “get it.”

      I am heavily oriented in “Image Bearing Theology.” I find IMAGE to be the lynch pin for EVERYTHING in some sense or other. To reduce it all to that phrase is dangerous, but I am never disappointed by the power and pervasive relevance of IMAGE in every study I get into every time.

      So… With that as a backdrop, I see God’s image IN THE POOR. The poor are not the ONLY image bearers, but they are extremely important to image bearing. You go to the poor to see God.

      I think there is something counterintuitive about that – esp for modern American types. We have a category for God which allows for mystery, but it is captivated in STRENGTH. And God is strong. No one is stronger. But, he is best seen in human weakness. That is mysterious enough, but when you really sit with that, you begin to see God as needy. He comes knocking on our doors as a needy human who will tax your surplus. He will tax your last meal! Of course he will somehow make it so your oil jar never quite runs out, but he will show up demanding that last meal for his prophetic image bearer.

      Thus, when you oppress or taunt the poor (or neglect the poor too for that matter), you do these things to his Maker – to God.

      It resonates perfectly with Matthew 25:31-46.

      I WISH I could reblog my wedding post. I already did that a long time ago. I am sure it would be better rewritten for that matter, but when I got married, we used the opportunity to host a Luke-14 Party. Here is a link:

      Proph-O-Drama Wedding

      We found that if you invite the poor and homeless in to party, they tend to take to the party like a duck takes to water. Not always, but mostly. And it is amazing to behold! Jesus really shows up! I mean, it’s so mysterious, but overpowering too!

      As for OTHER things…

      Tim, I am redrafting a book right now on Heaven’s Hospitality. I have written books before but never published, and I never put this much research and effort into drafting and excellence. I am about to reach my limits of skill. I wonder if you would be a resource of advice as I go forward. I hope to complete a second draft in the next few weeks, and I likely will attempt a third before I seek serious help. But I am entering a level of writing I never have before, and I probably need advice as I go.

      I will follow up more on that via email.

      Thanx for reading, and please… if there is more to discuss on this post, come back! I am interested in chewing on it.

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