I hate to be cliché about it, but there are some statements that grate on me. The problem is, of course, that sometimes (on rare occasion, I think), these statements really mean what they say. Therefore, if I write something you find interesting, you could say, “That’s interesting,” and really mean it. That would be appropriate, and I would be grateful. But the fact is most times “That’s interesting” is code for “That’s not really interesting.”

Deniable plausibility. Don’t ya love it?

(Please. Feel free to jam up my comments with “that’s interesting” now!)

But I’ll tell you… the one that really chafes is “That’s a good reminder” or “Those were some really good reminders.” Yeah, that’s code for, “Your sermon really challenges us in ways we don’t want to take seriously, therefore I will throw this wet blanket on it.”

Yeah, I struggle to not feel insulted when you reduce my work to a “reminder.”

Oh… you’ve been hearing this a lot before have you? I’m glad I could boost your memory. This important truth is so easy to forget. In fact, God wrote the whole New Testament to keep reminding you about Jesus. You can be so forgetful, I know.

Quite honestly, most of the sermons you have been hearing are in fact mass-manufactured clichés designed to sell you spiritual comfort in your White, middle-class, conservative, American life and not trouble you much with Jesus. So maybe reminders are good.

Think not?

Then look around in your assembly and count all the whores, the cripples, the tax collectors, beggars and sinners coming to Jesus, jamming the house so much that no one can get in without ripping a hole in the roof. If Jesus is in there, his crowd of multitudes will run there ahead of him! This is just a fact of who he is.

If that is what you see when you look around at the assembly, then please tell me what a good reminder this post is. I’m thinking your comment will be real “interesting.”


  1. Tim McGee · November 7

    Thanks for the interesting reminder. (Someone had to say it)

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  2. Steven · November 7

    Would it be a compliment to say that’s not interesting? Seriously though, I like what you said about whores and sinners jamming up the church. I must be going to the wrong service, cause I mostly see well put together, well behaved folks. At least in appearance

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  3. laceduplutheran · November 9

    “That’s a good reminder, pastor”. Is usually just code for “I haven’t been doing this and have no intention of starting, but your right. Just don’t expect me to start doing it because I’m not going to because (I’m too comfortable in my habits, not uncomfortable enough to change, don’t care that much, don’t find it all that important, etc).

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