The Church – Who Cares?


There’s probably a dozen WAYS this blogger says it that I would not (which in a sense makes it all the more powerful), but I gotta back this message and do what ever I can to promote it. God bless you for this perspective, now I hope I can generate a few readers who otherwise might have missed it.

Life On Purpose

Americans are giving people. Whenever there is a crisis somewhere in the world, the people of the United States step up to the plate and give, with time, money, and resources. Specifically, the Christian church in America gives:

  • We give something like $130 billion dollars to the church
  • Local churches and non-profits are responsible for most of the food banks
  • Churches support homeless shelters and outreaches
  • Churches are often the centers for Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Many Scout units use the local church
  • You can find marriage and family counseling at a local church
  • The American church routinely responds to natural catastrophes, many times the first on the scene after a hurricane or flood
  • The USA is #1 in the world in private giving at 1.44% GDP (nearly twice as much as Canada, three times the UK, and China clocks in at only .03%!)

This is a direct result of our founding…

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