Who is Their Jesus?

When the atheists preach more Jesusly than your church, then something is really messed up. Those who read my blog regularly will instantly see why I resonate with this post. But as an insider pointing out to the other lobsters that it’s getting warm in here, I nonetheless feel convicted too.

From Fundie to Atheist

I have watched American Protestant Xtians for many decades. I saw racism, misogyny, judgment, cancel culture, fear of science, communism, and any type of change, as well as the beginnings of a new grab for political power in the rise of the Moral Majority. I really shouldn’t have been shocked when, in 2016, they endorsed a politician who was a poster-boy for greed, theft, mendacity, white supremacy, misogyny, homophobia, xenophobia, narcissism and immorality. He was going to give them their political supremacy back, and that was the ONLY thing that mattered. But now with QAnon and Covid on top of Trump-ism, I find myself wondering, once again: WHO is their Jesus?

They claim to love Jesus. They claim it using bullhorns, waving signs and flags, while trying to overthrow democracy. They claim it while declaring Jesus is their religious exemption to wearing masks. They claim that their god who insisted…

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  1. therooflesschurch · November 28

    Yes. I’ve been convicted by many an atheist. It is interesting to hear how ridiculous one sounds from an outsider’s view. Thanks as always for holding our feet to the fire.

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    • Agent X · November 29


      Thanx for visiting.

      Perhaps it takes an uncommon humility to find conviction from the sermon of an atheist. God can speak through Balaam’s ass. He can speak through me. I claim to be a prophet? Even if I am a false prophet, God can speak through me if HE so chooses, and that should do more than merely bake the noodle. It should be humbling.

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      • therooflesschurch · December 3

        I was talking to another pastor buddy today about trusting God so much that if God decided that I was a pot meant for destruction I’d accept it because as far as I see it every moment of this life is unearned grace that I am not promised to receive or owed.

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  2. laceduplutheran · November 29

    This is the most excellent question – who is their Jesus? The question that goes with it is who is my Jesus? And the third, and maybe the most accurate is this – who is Jesus? He doesn’t belong to me or them. When Jesus is just another tool or weapon in some ongoing political fight, then it’s not Jesus at all. It comes down to this – who’s in charge – me or Jesus? If the answer is anyone other than Jesus, then we don’t have Jesus at all. We have an idol we have created in our own image and likeness. We have usurped the creator and tried to take God’s place. God doesn’t need to punish us for this – we’ll do just fine bringing punishment down on ourselves from our own foolishness.

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    • Agent X · November 29

      Good point, Matt. Jesus on my political leash is no Jesus at all, not really.

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