If there’s one thing you’ve learned from the last five or six years (though most of you have not internalized it), it’s that the moral is in the minority.  

So, let me be the first to say it, to get it out there in the open.  Because, when I was a kid, there was a very loud “majority” who claimed to be “silent” and “moral.”  Got a lot of press, they did!  And well… the way the world worked (this was back with it still “worked” sorta), it was very difficult to see past that.  The “moral” was very vocal about its silence and majority.  You were supposed to fear the sleeping giant!  Soon the church jumped on the bandwagon and became part of the very loud “silent” and “moral majority.”  

It just seemed like the right thing to do.

These days, the church is still on the bandwagon (though I don’t hear as much about the silence or the morality) and wants to MAGA with a self-professed pussy-grabber at the helm.  That’s not moral; it’s the bluff called on selling out back when I was a kid.

I am now giving voice to the silent moral, but he is in the minority.  The majority up and left their first love, and now the moral is alone in minority.  Also, silent – so far.  

Now, I know some of you (okay, both of you), my dear readers reading here look at a blog referencing “prophets” and think, “Who made you the mouthpiece of God?”

That is a good question, especially since I am a man of unclean lips.  But as my church so poignantly, so elegantly, put it, “[I] can scream at the top of my voice, [they’re] not listening!”  (I can link you to the post I published shortly after that upon request.)  So, here’s the irony on all of that: I speak for the God no one is listening to anyway, promoting a morality no one wants, and pointing out he is alone there, which sounds so weak and disgusting that I don’t get a hearing anyway.

Therefore, as my inner psychotic will tell you, I get to play the part of God in this little proph-O-drama.  Not the role he gives Joshua or Jehu, but something more humble, even shameful, and on par with Hosea or Jesus (back when the wood was still green).  I can scream at the top of my voice; you are not listening.

Meanwhile, both the “church” and the pagans are watching the world fall apart.  Not all of the kings whores, nor all the king’s men, can put Humpty back together again.   

So, let me ask you this:

What do you think it FEELS like to be God right about now?  

Do you even care?


  1. Tim McGee · December 3

    Thank you Agent Mouthpiece, for raising the voice of the silent.
    As a parent, I know that there have been times, maybe several, over the past 30 years where I’ve screamed (literally or figuratively) to be “heard.” Many times, many times, many times, they weren’t listening and they did what my wife and I knew they were going to do regardless of said screaming. Now imagine God, who isn’t screaming at all, but has a plan for our lives and, while disciplined, it is deeply rooted in love and mercy, and He’s being ignored. The One, the Dude, the Almighty, the Creator, being ignored by His children, whom He loves beyond imagination. As a parent, I have a sense of what that feels like. But wow, not nearly all of what that feels like for the Big Guy.
    My Lord God, I am sorry. Really.

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    • Agent X · December 3

      hmmm… was responding, and lost it before I could finish

      Anyway, Thanx for the comment. Thanx for the insight. Imagine being God today. Who listens? To what extent? Who cares? REALY cares?

      I have more thoughts on all that, actually, but just sit with that a moment.

      Actually, I wasn’t even screaming. I can. I have before. That’s not what I was doing when the thought was put to me that I can scream, but my church won’t listen. That was the sentence, the phrase, from a shepherd. My shepherd told me that.

      Sit with THAT a moment.


      But really, I think there is a lot of screaming going on.

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