People often come to me and say, “Hey, Agent X, how do you know you are a prophet?”

(Not really.  Only in a recent fantasy, but not in real life.)

And I tell them, “Well… in truth, I never actually call myself a prophet.  I do, however, embrace the call.  It’s a reluctant thing with me.  The faith heritage I come from frowns on this, and it gets no respect there.  And in fact, as callings go, my experience is like losing at a game of musical chairs; when the music stopped, this calling was the only ministry left for me.”  Yeah, originally, I didn’t want it.

But I won’t get into all that.  It’s been said before, mostly.  However, I want to ask others to consider carefully if this isn’t their calling too.  And what easier way to do that than to invoke Jeff Foxworthy?

The fact of the matter is that if God calls you, you have met his criteria.  Will you be faithful?  Will you answer the call?

But beware, it’s not some high status calling.  Not in God’s court.  Maybe in Pharoah’s court, Nebuchadnezzar’s, or Ahab and Jezebel’s, but not God’s.  This is not a calling to self-advancement but to God’s.  All that is required is for God to speak through you and for you to be faithful with his message.  It’s a very low bar for such a high calling.

In fact, if God can speak through Balaam’s Ass, you might be a prophet!

If something good comes out of Nazareth, you might be a prophet!

If Mary, a virgin, gave birth to Jesus, and if he was really the Son of God, you might be a prophet!

If you preach for no pay or worse yet, you take a beating for preaching God’s word, you might be a prophet.

If whores, beggars, and all their lame friends pack your place so that there isn’t room to get in or out, you might be a prophet.

If you ever got thrown overboard at sea and swallowed up by a giant fish, you might be a prophet.

If you ever started a riot by preaching the gospel, you might be a prophet.

If you dance around beating a brick with a stick, you might be a prophet.

If you speak out against an ungodly king and counsel him unpatriotically, you might be a prophet.

If you ever married a whore and loved her, you might be a prophet.

There are two kinds of prophet, those who speak for God and those who speak for the money (or positive feedback) – who butter people up for favor.  There are true prophets and false prophets.  The latter tend to work for kings and rulers, telling them what they want to hear.  The former tend to earn a prophet’s wage.  (Exceptions, of course, but not the rule.)

So, don’t think high of yourself if you answer the call.  Think high of him who calls you.  No. You are not worthy, but you get to be part of the solution rather than just part of the problem.

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