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Do you know that moment when you see Jesus, really see Jesus? 

That moment when even if you are too dense to realize what you’ve just seen, but it finally hits you? 

That moment when you know what love is and how close you have come to missing it? 

Do you know that moment pregnant with all of world history, the thing the prophets and angels long to see, but it was shown to you, and suddenly you get it?

Do you know that moment?

Ask the disciples at Emmaus.  Ask the prophets of old.  Ask the shepherds near Bethlehem.  Ask the bums down on Skid Row.  And check out the O Holy Night video.

You do now.

Run.  There’s still time.  You can find him, but don’t delay.  Run; don’t walk; run!  Run with your heart open.  Run like the Father who sees his boy from afar.

This is Christmas, and there’s still a chance for you to find him.

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