This just in:

False Prophecy Central reporting this morning as of midnight God now says it is okay to go ahead and hate your neighbor.

(Good news for Americans who have been yearning to hate their neighbors for the last five presidential elections!)

Some have broken ranks with Bible, Doctrine, and Christian tradition and began hating neighbors for years already, but now God is not only “allowing” it but endorsing hate.  Expert false prophets tell us this is because Democrats have proven intolerable pushing the boundaries of love beyond common sense and good taste.  Basically, Democrats just need to be hated.  They have become objects of hate so egregious that hate and scorn is all they are good for.

Also, this just in too:

If you are into the health-n-wealth Gospel (which, let’s face it – who’s not? – Am I right???), locking your door, rolling up your window, and looking away from homeless and beggars at street corners is now an acceptable expression of Agape as long as you also own a gun and stand for Second Amendment Rights.

Happy World, y’all!

You’ve remade God in your image, and at least it’s no longer that stupid buy-the-world-a-Coke, feel-good, triumphant, liberal pseudo-theology running amok!  It’s us!  Us and our rights, Damn it!

Thank You, Jesus!  Pass the ammunition.

*This message brought to you by the not-so-good folx at False Prophecy Central.


  1. Gdicm · January 13

    Spot on about neighbours. Yeshua spoke about what the good Samaritan did, but just as important he spoke about the bad robbers and the people who ignored the injured and robbed man. Only a compulsory single Church can bring all neighbours under firm, fair, and equal laws. That is what Yeshua started when he brought gentiles into Judaism. Christianity.


  2. laceduplutheran · January 14

    I saw a meme the other day that essentially said that when we say “welcome the stranger” or “feed the hungry” or “put down your weapon” we’re not being leftist or work. We’re quoting Jesus. Amen to that. Too many Christians seem more concerned with ideological identity than Christ identity.


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