Wedging myself between Republican’ts and Demoncrats (where angels fear to tread), I just want to throw in the towel now on Democracy and cast my vote for Jesus as King.


I know this is going to make me dumber than those people who anti-vax/mandate people (take a deep breath and try to say it all at once), you know… those people who believe in getting vaccinated, but who think mandating it is a problem.

Yeah.  That exasperatingly stupid position.

Yeah.  Try and have that opinion without being ripped apart with schizophrenia.

Oh.  Did I just needlessly offend a whole other bunch?

Well, you gotta read here before you can be offended, so…

Is anyone still there?

Didn’t think so.

So, anyway, you people… yeah you… quit trying to hold together tectonic plates and things which don’t belong.  Quit trying to join together what God would not.

Yeah.  I don’t think having it both ways is working.  Not at any level.  Democracy isn’t working.  And that just sounds HUGE!

But honestly, if the Republican’ts really get away with stealing future elections by claiming the one they lost fairly was stolen, then I suddenly can’t trust the next one.  If the Demoncrats really are able to establish fair rules to ensure future elections are fair, how can anyone look at their work with a straight face and honestly call it unbiased?  And if it has any bias at all, how can it be fair?

Besides, roughly half the nation would vote against ANYTHING up for a vote anyway.  Seriously, even if we do it peacefully, nearly half the nation is automatically LOSERS for your trouble whether rational and fair or not.

Who the F… put this together and called it good?

Democracy is “an experiment.”  When I was a kid, we actually called it that proudly.  But we have reached a point where it has proven to fail.

Democracy was an invention of humans too.  (So was money, by the way.)  God created the world in six days, and neither Democracy nor a solitary dollar, dime, or penny was ever created in any of that time.  But within these latter “creations” seethes a Legion of demons.

And it occurs to me that you can’t really have Democracy and Monarchy at the same time either.

Well, DUH!

That is exactly why Thomas Jefferson set out to designate a “separation of church and state” from that latter beginning.  Turns out if you kick God out, the place fills up with demons who just take over everything you hold dear as fast as they can, and you just stand there bewildered and dumbstruck between rox and hard places.

If you can find a voting booth with Jesus on the ballot, vote for Jesus!  Otherwise, the election is rigged!

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  1. laceduplutheran · January 17

    I’m always amused by the people who claim Jesus would be a Democrat or a Republican. People claim that Jesus was conservative and others claim he was progressive. People claim Jesus would be a capitalist, and others claim he was a socialist. Ridiculous! Have we learned nothing? Jesus didn’t see legitimacy in the Temple vs. Rome narrative – why would he pick a side when he saw no legitimacy. There is no legitimacy in these fights and systems because they aren’t of God. There really is no choice related to these things, because in choosing them, we are choosing something besides Jesus. Can these things get it right from time to time, sure. But aren’t they really doing something else – using God for their own purposes. That’s the very definition of taking the Lord’s name in vain.


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